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PRISON BREAK SEASON 5 SET PHOTOS, TRAILER AND STORYLINE REVEALED.Looks like “Prison Break” does not have the same promotional style as “The Walking Dead” since the latter has full secrecy of its next season.

PRISON BREAK SEASON 5 Official Trailer: 

Season 5 of “Prison Break” has a lot of publicity in the recent months since Wentworth Miller is coming back with the reboot and Dominic Purcell’s accident on set.

According to Deadline, while filming in Morocco for the new event-series installment, a set piece was dislodged and then fell on his head. He suffered a broken nose and a head surgery because of this. He received stitches on his nose and near his left eyebrow, 20 stitches on his left elbow and minor cuts on his arms. Although the injuries are bad news and due to a production fiasco, it may reinforce the danger of the new plot.

TV Series Finale reported that when asked what more he can reveal about the storyline and his character, Purcell said that the reboot will deal heavily with terrorism and will take place in Yemen. He revealed that one of his scenes was him running into the prison looking for his brother Michael while all the guards were running out because Yemen was in complete chaos and the prison gates were left open.

He also said on Deadline that the underlying story is what is going on with the world today with terrorism. The shocking part of the reboot is that not only is Michael not dead but he is also working for ISIS and ISA. But then he also said, “It got to the point where he couldn’t do it anymore, and they threw him in a jail in Yemen to change his mind.” But he did not.

He also mentioned that the nine episodes written by Paul Scheuring are going to blow away the fans. He used the words “high-tension thriller” and “extraordinary” to describe what they were doing. He even compared it as a cross between “Bourne Identity” and “American Sniper.”

Those are tough acts to follow. But with the sneak preview and the photos viewers are getting, looks like the show will deliver.

TV Series Finale also posted that the “Prison Break” cast members and production crew also went on social media on a photo craze.

Here are Some Photos and Clicks From the PRISON BREAK SEASON 5 SET PHOTOS.

Prison Break Season 5 Set photos Prison Break Season 5 Micheal Prison Break Season 5

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